The Sixth Annual Knottwood Christmas Party Return of Lots of People Adventure

In case you're wondering where Katherine, Michael and Emily had got to, they were actually at the party - but THIS year, found themselves doing all the photography, since Errol Stanley Ryder (editor of Peeple Magazine) was frantically rushing to get a LATE EDITION to bed..
Michael at work!

...And some people were still madly rushing towards Knottwood on their way back from London...

But in spite of thin numbers, the party gradually began to warm up, as people started to chat with each other...

I wonder WHY?

Uh... glad we can't SEE it!

Rosalinda enjoyed a well-earned rest after all that DANCING...
Flamenco is VERY vigorous!

...While her father, Pablo, sang baby Robin (just recovering from her very first cold) haunting Spanish lullabies, which soon had her sleeping peacefully....

How unfortunate!!

Amid all the hubbub, nobody heard little Rose Haney voice what ALL the children had been thinking...
Oh dear!

But at that VERY MOMENT - the DOOR suddenly burst OPEN!
Oh *NO!*

It seems Horace's explanation of Christmas had been a leeet-le bit hazy. The pirates, regrettably, didn't quite get the process right... But suddenly, great-great-great-great-great-great Grandpa Hambone spots one of his DESCENDANTS - and becomes positively FRIENDLY!

Oh dear!

And then C. J. McLeod spots her great-great-great-great-great-great ancestor - and Nancy spies HORACE!

(I think she WOULD!)

Good Isobel is forced to make an INTRODUCTION...

Oh *NO!*

Suddenly, Horace SEES her! He rushes forward!
(This can ONLY end in tears...)

But as he draws CLOSE to his former buddy, Horace falters and stops in his tracks, bemused...
She DOES look different.

Meanwhile, Officer Don has quickly taken charge of the situation, and Apprehended Captain Hambone!

Nice work!

Oblivious to the pirates' fate, Horace can't believe what's happened to the teen!
POOR Horace!

A STRANGE and UNEXPECTED event suddenly happens... Shocked, Holly Noelle recognises herself in Good Isobel's unkind and judgmental response!


Cut to the BONE, Horace bursts into noisy TEARS... great, green slimy ones...
Cut to the bone!

...And as everyone knows, troll tears are RARER than leprechaun gold - and magical!

Holly Noelle has a SPLIT SECOND to reflect on her own behaviour...
A revelation!

...for as Horace's first tear soaks through the delicate silk, and touches Good Isobel's SKIN...
What's happening?

Can it be????

As the spell reversal abates, Horace juuust manages to catch Original Isobel!   (We won't call her "bad...")
It IS!!!
*GASP!* - Can it be TRUE?... Original Isobel is BACK?

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Special thanks to KATHERINE, MICHAEL and EMILY, who did MOST of the photography this year!
CAP'N PEGGY GORDON and assorted weaponry from Knottwood's OFFICIAL BLACKSMITH, INTENTS, Smith of the West
Most of CAPTAIN JIM HAMBONE's outfit and accessories courtesy of the amazing FRED JESKA, Undisputed KING of fantasy dioramas!
Fireplace orchids and wreath by TERESA of Loony Knoll
HORACE THE TROLL Courtesy of Our Buddy in Tulsa