Party Page
WELCOME to the ALL NEW Knottwood Party Page! Here you will find all our brand NEW Christmas 2007 Knottwood Annual Party Adventures...
Don't worry - Neville SAVED the tree!

The Sixth Annual Christmas Party
The Return of, uh, Lots of People Adventure
Horace's Christmas Adventure
Horace's Christmas Adventure - Part 2
C.J.'S Interesting Evening Adventure
Knottwood Very Naughty Elf Adventure
Isobel's Secret Santa Adventure
Knottwood 2007 Party Fashion Feature!
Knottwood Lord of the Rings Adventure!


(NB:   Knottwood Time is not the same as our time!  Our Christmas coincides with theirs only once every three or four Knottwood years... which is what makes our shared Knottwood Christmas parties EXTRA SPECIAL!)

(For PREVIOUS YEARS' PARTIES, please go to our OLD Party Page...)

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