The Sixth Annual Knottwood Christmas Party Adventure

The SIXTH Annual Knottwood Christmas Party began rather lethargically. Many folks had been unwell over Christmas, and it had been postponed three times already. With so many CANCELLATIONS, castle owners Neville and Alicia White reluctantly decided to move it from the Great Hall to the smaller Sponge Bob Room...
It seems a little *flat*...

Even Good Isobel (who had prattled on for quite twenty minutes about her New Pink Party Dress) lapsed into abstracted silence...
Oh my!  Never SEEN her so clean!

...while perhaps only former "art Barbie" little Colin Eight, a child whose tragic past had resulted in an Unfortunate Tendency to Express Himself by sticking forks in his head and wrapping himself up in barbed wire instead of merely saying "I don't like brussel sprouts, thank you", could appreciate the unbridled AGONY and PASSION that pure Flamenco artistes like Rosalinda Reyes Alvarez and her father Pablo pour into their music and dance...

Truly inspiring!

The only mild excitement occured when Nancy Hanbro became noticeably MIFFED that Bethany Underfoot (AND Bethany's dog, Spotteline) were wearing similar outfits to her new, fabulously expensive Mutant Goldfish ensemble...

How unfortunate!!

...But her mother (visiting from FRANCE) quickly soothed her ruffled feelings...

...As did the EXCELLENT food...
At least the FOOD was great!

...Provided by Knottwood Castle's NEW CHEF, the celebrated Pierre Dupioni!
So THAT'S what happened to him after he left Varna's!

(A good THING, because hosts Neville and Alicia were totally wrapped up in their baby, Robin...)
Ooo, she's so cuuuute...

(I think she WOULD!)

He's SO good with the baby!

Wow, he must REALLY like Neville and Alicia!


He's SUCH a help to hard-working Neville!
(But don't worry - the party is JUST getting STARTED...)

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Special thanks to KATHERINE, who brought Rosalinda's Flamenco outfit and Pablo's guitar back from SPAIN!
Bethany, C.J. McLeod, Grandma Hanbro and Grandma Degas outfitted by MONSIEUR PAT of IGA, Coldwater!
Chef Pierre's outfit (and Nancy Hanbro's!) from MUTANT GOLDFISH DESIGNS