Nancy Hanbro
Nancy is even more stunning when you meet her in PERSON...

Stunningly beautiful Nancy Juliet Hanbro admits she was in "a bit of a slump" and actually working in a Bestchester bank when she met dynamic Louisiana-born park ranger and ex-Ultra Corps soldier, Buddy Jim Hanbro. Best friend Bethany Underfoot and cousin Estella Degas had just persuaded her to join the newly-formed Knottwood Ballet Company, and for that summer, she divided her time (as she laughingly admits) between the ballet and Buddy Jim, whom she quickly married after a whirlwind courtship.

The former Junior World Pairs figure skating champion had great success in a variety of ballet roles before giving up her career for motherhood. A few years ago, she returned to professional figure skating with former Juniors partner Lars Lindquist, but still finds time to act as foster mother to little Colin Eight, whose tragic story has touched the hearts of all Knottwood. The Hanbros have just had a NEW BABY - little Jonathan "Toby" Hanbro.

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