Knottwood Cast

This is just a quick overview of some of our main inhabitants. If you have Microsoft Explorer as your browser, you can move your cursor over each photo to find out who's WHO. Otherwise, you have to click on the photo to find out.

For now, only TWENTY-FIVE (random) thumbnails are "active" - meaning, if your cursor changes, you can click on that thumbnail and read a either a short mini-biography of the villager it represents, or be taken to their older but more in-depth biographies in our People section...)
The Usual Suspects General Hanbro Pearl Hanbro Buddy Jim Hanbro Nancy Hanbro Isobel Hanbro Toby Hanbro Holly Noelle Hanbro Dr. Megan Hanbro-Pinhead P. C. Joe Pinhead Fiona Hanbro P. C. Donald Haney Cheryl Haney Rose Haney Alan Haney Teresa Haney Alicia White Neville White Colin Eight Catriona Hanbro-Asmundsen Charles Hesketh Asmundsen Varna Sorensen-Thorssen Per Gunnar Thorssen Lilith Sorensen-da Gamba Gabriel da Gamba Nadine Lindquist Lars Lindquist Annifrid Lindquist Katherine Lindquist Cheyenne Lindquist Luke & Andraia Lindquist Piers Bosnan Kathleen Bosnan Cari McLeod Tamsin Edwards Belinda Edwards Errol Stanley Ryder Bethany Underfoot Celestia Skye Dr. Agnes Nizhoni Noreen Nizhoni
(Didn't find the character you want? For MORE of our Knottwood Cast of Thousands, click HERE...)

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