Loony Knoll Cast

This is just a quick overview of some of the inhabitants of Loony Knoll, a hidden hamlet in the wilds of Northern Ontario, Canada. Due to the fact that our own C. J. McLEOD comes from Loony Knoll - and Bethany Underfoot's twin sister BRIANNA lives there (along with C. J.'s twin sister, A. J.) - there has been quite a bit of coming and going between the inhabitants of Knottwood and Loony Knoll. In fact, Varna Sorensen and Per Gunnar Thorssen actually got married there!
NOT yer Usual Suspects... Brianna Stacie Joe Hasborough Teresa Herrera Captain Saburo Nakagawa A. J. McLeod Asuka Moriyama Candice Melissa Ice Jet Kadisha (Bloody) Rose Steve Kat Skye

(Ooooh!  A magical peek?)
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