"Other phenomenon were detected and documented during the night.  We had set up motion detectors and infra-red cameras in randomly isolated areas of the castle.   Some disturbing anomalies were caught on film..."
Oooh, what IS it?

Ugh!  I think it's MOVING...

"By far the most spectacular was this eerie HEAD, apparently made of
ECTOPLASM, which materialized in the castle kitchen!"                 
WHAT could it BE?

"The kitchen seemed to remain the hub of paranormal activity..."
Never seen anything LIKE this!

"But it wasn't until we reviewed the tapes that we caught this spectral FACE in the kitchen mirror!"
Don't go DOWN there!

"Meanwhile, Stew had an unpleasant encounter in a drafty corridor leading to the Minstrel's Gallery..."
Scratching and growling?  THAT doesn't sound gooood...

"He did not wait to find OUT!"
Oh my GOSH!  Or as the Mostly Haunted crew would say, @#$*@#&$(#@&$#!

"He will never forget the beast's hot breath down his back!"
What's THIS???

"This spectral entity captured on film in the Great Hall slimed our camera!"

REALLY, Isobel!

"Meanwhile, Mona's decision to powder her nose was to result in HORRIFIC consequences..."
WhoEVER would have thought it?

"She was so absorbed, at first she did not notice the sudden chill.."

"Me 'air stood STRAIGHT on END when Ah saw that 'orrible face!"

"Ah couldn't get out of there QUICK enough!"


"Meanwhile, up in the solar, Karl spent a MOST uneventful night, with absolutely nothing to report..."

"Sweet dreams, Karl..."
Press onward for some OUTTAKES, a Behind-The-Scenes-Peek of our Mostly Haunted Adventure - and a Tour of Knottwood Castle

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