"The day started bright and early, with our Mostly Haunted crew arriving en masse to check out lighting and camera angles. I suspect we took the Whites quite by surprise..."
Nice shorts, Nev!

"We were all very impressed by the simple grandeur of Knottwood Castle..."
Yvette PARTICULARLY liked Knottwood Castle!

"Here we are, enjoying pre-show drinkies..."
This is going to be FUN!

"We GREATLY admired the castle pottery..."
Michael made this!

"After the show, NAUGHTY Isobel Hanbro explained her TRICKS..."
What a naughty girl!

"But Neville and Alicia told us about some truly CHILLING experiences concerning the White Lady..."
It seems the White Lady likes *tea*...

"...And no one could explain the eerie singing we heard echoing from deep within the castle..."
*Gasp* - that's MICHAEL!

Rover, the castle dog, took a real liking to our rigger, Stew...
What a FRIENDLY doggie!

"Of course, this was because Stew spent HOURS playing BALL with him..."
Rover was in seventh HEAVEN!

"Mind you, Rover got a little over-enthusiastic at times..."
Looks a bit ROUGH!

"...And he DID have a bad habit of popping up on camera..."

"...In fact, we had a HARD time getting Stew to concentrate on his JOB!"
Don't EITHER of you ever get TIRED?

"We heard later that poor old Rover went around looking for his new friend for DAYS afterwards!"
*Phew*  WHAT a day....

Rover really was a wonderful, friendly pup. We were all very taken with him...
That puppy NEVER gives up!

...As Derek wittily observed...
What's THAT in Rover's mouth???

Must have been our imagination....
*Ahem* ...Perhaps you'd like to take that Tour of Knottwood Castle now?

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