The Fifth Annual Knottwood Christmas Party Adventure

Charles Hesketh Asmundsen is not sure if he is DREAMING, or awake! He finds himself in pitch blackness... with no place to go except back down a long, dark TUNNEL...
POOR Charles!

As the walls begin to heave and close in on him, Charles panics!
How unpleasant!

Blindly, he runs!
POOR Charlie!)

Suddenly down a tunnel, a MOVEMENT catches his eye, stopping him in mid-flight!

He is almost sure he saw a dimly gleaming figure glide past...
This sounds... hopeful?

He rounds the next corner only to see something flit in front of him!
How sinister!

Charles follows onwards. He feels he has no CHOICE...
Is he going to his doooom?

It's NOT Catriona!

There's LIGHT!

A golden knight?

A golden knight that FLIES?

It's female?

Charles is overjoyed to see a gaily-decked Christmas tree glimmering in front of him. He hears a babble of happy voices...
Civilization - at LAST!

But when he steps into the hall, it is EMPTY - and utterly silent
How spooky!


At the sound of the silvery voice behind him over his shoulder, all the hairs on Charles' neck stand on end! He knows it is not Catriona. He does not DARE turn round..


This can't be HAPPENING...

Charlie can't believe his EYES...

Good HEAVENS!  This is *SHOCKING!*

Uh... Remember Catriona?  Your WIFE?...

Gwen's famous golden helmet tumbles to the floor, discarded...
CHILDREN!  *Shut your EYES!*

(Charles! You're going to REGRET this later!)
I can't LOOK!

Suddenly there is a terrible SMELL! Charles opens his EYES, and sees...
*UGH! Shudder!*



Thank HEAVENS he's *AWAKE*!

Thank GOODNESS he's returned to his SENSES!

Who could POSSIBLY be worse than a *TROLL?*

(What a *narrow ESCAPE*, when he JILTED her at the ALTAR!)

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VERY special thanks to R. A. Harnett for letting us use his Avalon photos and characters!

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