A Quiet Week In Loony Knoll Adventure

She looks so... *RELAXED*...

"My week consisted mostly of defending my new blue deck chair from the determined forays of Isobel Hanbro..."


"...and trying to convince my twin sister Brianna to pose for photos with me..."
Brianna HATES formal photographs!

"...for our mother, back home in Knottwood."

"THIS is what passed for Excitement, that lazy week in Loony Knoll..."
So they ARE!

"...though it was pretty entertaining, watching Per Gunnar Thorssen almost Spontaneously Combust before he finally noticed it wasn't always SNOWY in the Great White North!

Silly Per!

"It was so hot, the poor Siberian Husky sled dogs WERE melting..."
POOR Lola...

She looks like a BEAR, doesn't she?

"And even C. J. stripped down to her overalls!"

She's usually so SHY about showing her body!

"General Hanbro and his wife were the only ones who didn't seem to feel the heat; possibly because they were used to it from the Southern United States..."

That sounds SO much fun!

"Which was just as well..."
Private... washroom?

"...since chasing after ISOBEL kept them pretty busy!"
WHAT a monkey!

Maybe she should have worn a HELMET...

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