Word of Isobel's mishap quickly got around the village, and she was inundated with presents - and visitors!
Don't get tummy-ache, Isobel!

Her Auntie Megan was not the first to arrive... a fact which set off Buddy Jim's shattered nerves!
Whoa!  EASY on your sister, Buddy Jim!

"Kath tried to reach you at the clinic - and there was NO ANSWER!"
A flashback...

It's true, we suppose, that a crisis can bring out the BEST or the worst in a family...
He must be VERY upset to yell at Dr. Megan!

General Hanbro has a thing or two to chip in...
Poor P.C. Joe!

Oh dear, this is NOT like the Hanbros at ALL!

Dr. Megan swiftly stops her father in his TRACKS!
You tell him, Megan!

Perhaps fortunately, VARNA SORENSEN-THORSSEN chose this moment to make her entrance...
Oh NO!  WHO told *her*???

Of course, Per Gunnar Thorssen HAS been an honorary UNCLE to Isobel since her birth...
How unexpectedly NICE of Varna...

(Isobel later said THIS was her WORST MOMENT!)

Fortunately, Varna is easily distracted...
WHOA, Varna's SCARY!

Really, Errol, DON'T encourage her!
REALLY, Errol!
That hurt my EYES!

Uncle Per to the RESCUE...

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