Varna Sorensen

Varna publicity shot Name: Varna Ingeborg Sorensen
Occupation: Actress
Boyfriends: That would be a LONG list! But I'm currently engaged to Charles Hesketh Asmundsen. He's fabulously wealthy!
Loves: Making films, public appearances, being taken to dinner, fresh flowers in every room, massages, champagne, getting my hair done
Hates: People with big egos, dogs, boring park rangers who think about nothing but sports
Pet Peeves: Being made to WAIT
Special Interests: Swimming, organic food, chocolate, strawberries (I have a WONDERFUL personal chef!)
Secret Ambition: To play Shakespeare

Actress Varna Sorensen came to Knottwood to visit sister Lilith, and discovered that life in the idyllic English village suited her very well. She bought Rose Cottage, which she shares with her personal trainer, chauffeur, secretary and chef.

Varna made her mark in such cult classics as Zombies Love Flesh! and Kittens from Hell. Her big break came playing Clara in As Night Falls Slowly with Viggo Mortensen. Her upcoming film, El Camino Erica, is due to be released in December.

ALWAYS in demand with the media...

The DOWN side of Fame...

Yet ANOTHER marriage proposal...

Charles Asmundsen is Varna's 
high school sweetheart, as well as a fabulously successful dentist...

With sister Lilith...

Varna spills the beans!

Varna's latest film...

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