Isobel's Christmas Knight Adventure - Part TWO

The morning passes. Gwen and Isobelf cover a LOT of ground among the needy denizens of Knottwood Forest...
Doesn't Gwen look WONDERFUL?

My, that bag looks HEAVY...

But ON the whole, once she got over Not Being Allowed to Ride, Isobelf enjoyed her morning of Good Works...

A TRUE daughter of Buddy Jim!

...or maybe NOT!

(Doesn't Gwen look NOBLE?)

Well, okay... Isobelf isn't very good at listening... and has the attention span of a gnat... but there's nothing like knowing one has made a DIFFERENCE to the Environment!

Hmmm... why is there a BITE out of it?

GREEDY Isobelf!

Little Alan must be HEAVY...

The high northern passes are NARROW - and often treacherous in winter...
Don't worry!  Gwen is a *superb* horsewoman!

POOR Isobelf!

...but NOTHING stops Gwen of Avalon!
AND she's so *brave*...

- OR her trusty squire, Isobelf!


Don't you DARE, Isobel Hanbro!

But Gwen is not listening! Her shying horse has alerted her to a familiar, foetid scent!


Meanwhile, some ways round the BEND...

There is a TERRIFYING instant when the troll spots them!
EEEK!  RUNNN for it!

...but then the creature suddenly makes a RUN for it!
STOP him - he's getting A-WAAA-AY...

Before they can CAPTURE him, he has clambered up to his LAIR, high above their reach!

STOP him - he's getting A-WAAA-AY...

His foul taunts barely reach them above the icy blast of the winds...

Furthermore, a look through Isobelf's binoculars convinces them that the poor ewe is STILL ALIVE!

Oh, the POOR thing!

Not for NOTHING is Isobelf a daughter of passionate conservationist and Head Park Ranger, Buddy Jim Hanbro...

...Which (alas!) is MORE than we can say about little ALAN HANEY...
A shocking child!

A moment later, the TROLL finds out that Alan isn't the ONLY good shot in Knottwood!

WHOAAAH! NICE one, Isobelf!
GREAT shot!

As the injured troll thrashes helplessly about, the shaken SHEEP makes a hasty escape!

What a RELIEF!

(Trolls are very CLUMSY creatures, with a poor sense of balance - as everyone knows...)

Serves that troll RIGHT!

(They are also COWARDLY! The troll bolts back into its CAVE - Gwen will have to hunt it ANOTHER day...)

Disgusting behaviour!

And that would seem to be the END of this particular Adventure... but what of little Alan Haney? WHAT will Isobelf do with HIM? And will Horace the troll ever get any dinner?

We're SURE that ISOBELF will think up the perfect solution...

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VERY Special Thanks to Our Buddy In Tulsa for letting Gwen visit Knottwood.