Knottwood Knorth Thunderparty Header

Oh, the TRAUMA when Isobel P. Hanbro had to move with her parents and siblings from their beloved, magical, English village of Knottwood to Canada and the frozen Far Knorth!

The view from Isobel's window

It's so cold at -31 degrees that ICE MIST rises from Lake Superior...
Is that.... ice?

But Isobel is almost happy. Her best friend BELINDA EDWARDS has arrived to spend Christmas in Exile with the Hanbros - and just as the first star of Christmas Eve comes out, HORACE THE TROLL also arrives - with PREZZIES - on Santa's SLEIGH! Horace the Troll arrives in Knottwood Knorth

He is STILL the same old Horace, Isobel is happy to see...
Horace brings Isobel P. Hanbro a CAT!

Belinda has the last word...

(Just a twinkle of Knottwood Magic, with love from Isobel P. Hanbro...)
Good heavens - a Triple LUTZ?

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