In this page, we leave Knottwood and return to every day life, but it is nonetheless a happy page. Here we get to thank and acknowledge the many people who have contributed their talents, wares, feedback, advice, teaching, inspiration and/or expertise to this website.

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Cari Buziak: the World's premiere Celtic artist (and unofficial web teacher extraordinaire!) Click on the link banner, left, and check out her site for merchandise, free clip art, a stunning and truly inspirational gallery, and the best tutorials on Celtic knotwork and illumination on the web!

Peter Wilson: veteran British artist whose superb watercolours stirred poignant memories of annual childhood visits to Lowdham, my grandmother's village. He kindly provided the beautiful painting of Lowdham Mill used in our main headers. Click left to visit his home site, the Arnold Art Society, Nottinghamshire, U.K.

Tanah Haney: World's Best Harp Teacher (uh, well, apart from Buddy Jim, of course) - and absolutely NO relation to Cheryl or Don! If you'd like to know more about the Celtic harp, her site is a wonderful place to start, demystifying and providing information about every aspect of harping one could desire.

Derek Mah: Superlative illustrator and designer whose love of comics almost rivals ours! Has been known to snigger at the odd Knottwood page, which pleases us no end.
supplied by "The largest collection of free photographs for private non-commercial use on the Internet." Provided phone box image on Explore page, steam train image used for Link button on other pages, and the occasional much-appreciated background comp throughout the adventures. Click on the Telephone button, left, and prepare to browse your eyes out!
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Nick Sullivan: Well, actually, he didn't contribute anything at all, having just given to some ladies collecting small musical items and hand-knit cummerbunds for a church bazaar. But if you want the best non-violent site on the net, simply packed with adventure games, puzzles, fun quizzes and interesting trivia for children of ALL ages (with many samples and freeware, as well as fabulous graphics by Bridgid Skelton), do check out his FamilyGames website, left.
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Jim Collins: This is our absolute favourite source of 1:6 play scale minis for the Knottwood Adventures. Michael, Katherine and I have had hours of fun creating props from Jim's printable minis. I have the guilty feeling we haven't even credited them all individually, since many of our props predate the Adventures being posted to the web. There's Holly Hanbro's dollhouse, Holly and Cheryl's posters, as well as money, maps, magazine covers... We WILL find them all, yet!

We are also indebted to Teresa of Loony Knoll, not only for sending C. J. McLeod to deal with the rowdier elements who occasionally afflict Knottwood (such as Isobel Hanbro, little Alan Haney and the boys from Frogspit, Lousiana) but for all the wonderful miniature quilled flowers she makes for Lilith's Flower Shop (as well as the photos of Brianna, Joe, Stacie and Nikita).

Buddy Jim in particular would like to thank Jane at Maresnest for the priceless gift of Clio, his big concert harp. (Special note: Clio is a music box, and we really DO have actual music - Greensleeves - during the wedding ceremonies!)

And we don't know what we'd do without Patrick at IGA to supply Madame Marabou's dress salon (and Lars Lindquist!) with all the fabulous outfits he designs and tailors!

Last but definitely not least, the inhabitants of Knottwood and I would like to thank KATHERINE, MICHAEL and EMILY for making every day truly Magic.

Michael escapes!

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