Cheryl's Speedy Delivery Adventure

Cheryl is overdue again! She's been waiting and WAITING
for her third and final baby to make it's appearance...           
Cheryl feels a Twinge!



That was *DEFINITELY a Twinge!*

Time for the HOSPITAL...

Don's rushing home from work RIGHT away!

He takes Cheryl STRAIGHT to Knottwood Cottage Hospital!

They leave C. J. to babysit Alan and Rose...

Don reassures Cheryl...

C. J. will have a GREAT time with the children!

They are VERY relieved to find KATHERINE waiting for them at the clinic...
Thank HEAVENS Katherine is available to help!

The final stage of labour goes smoothly!
Katherine is VERY experienced in labour coaching!

And soon it is time!

Although Officer Don doesn't think sol...

Katherine has to smarten him up!

The baby is absolutely PERFECT!

All has ended happily!

...AND of course Officer Don was his usual calm, professional self...
(well, it WILL end happily when Officer Don recovers...)

... Intelligent, tooooo....
Poor Officer Don!

Katherine can't help giggling...

He's REALLY knocked out!

What a BIG girl!

Don recovers enough to take Cheryl and little Teresa home!
Her name is TERESA!

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