Tamsin Edwards

Tamsin Edwards Tamsin Edwards

Originally from Llangollen, Wales, Tamsin Eilonwy Edwards settled in Knottwood in order to be near Nottingham University, where she works as a linguist assisting famed Professor Isidore Champion, author of Dychangerdds of the Welsh Cywyddwyr in context of Sociological Conditions of the Fourteenth Century. She became sole guardian of her sister, Belinda, when their volcanologist parents died in Japan, after getting too close to a pyroclastic cloud.
Dr. Agnes is a WONDERFUL support! "Dr. Agnes has provided wonderful insight and reassurance to help me bring up my little sister, Belinda. I don't know what I'd do without her timely and wise advice!"

With Belinda at Nadine's wedding... "At Lars and Nadine's wedding, with my little sister Belinda. This was just after we'd moved to Knottwood..."

The little cottage I bought for Belinda and me!
"Here we are in our NEW cottage together!"

Noreen and me!
"Me with my best friend Noreen Nizhoni. We had JUST bought new dresses at Madame Marabou's!"

Reconciled with Errol!
When Belinda went MISSING last summer, it was the WORST day of my life - but at least my boyfriend Errol and I got back together! I'd broken up with him because of his lack of commitment - but he was a rock of STRENGTH and kindness, during those anxious hours when my little sister was nowhere to be found!

I was SO glad she was safe!
"I was SO relieved when she turned up! A Happy Ending after ALL..."

WHAT a bad girl!
"...or so we thought..."

The BEST Christmas present EVER! "Well, actually, saying "yes" to Errol on Christmas Eve, after everyone had left the party, was my Happy Ending!"

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