Tamsin's Decorating Adventure

In our new home at LAST...  I'm SOOOO EXCITED! After YEARS of saving, making sacrifices, being VERY careful with my money, and working TWO jobs to support me and my little sister Belinda, I've been able to give up my evening waitressing job in Bestchester... and BUY our very own HOUSE! It's just a tiny little cottage... but its OURS! Our HOME!

And my new best friend Noreen Nizhoni is moving in with us - she's renting the attic! So that will help with the costs a LOT! (Belinda and I will have to share the only bedroom for now... but she's such a good little girl, and sleeps RIGHT through the night, so I don't think that will be a problem).

It has the SWEETEST little garden, too! I've promised Belinda a Purple Elephant wading pool.. JUST like Katherine and Michael's!

But I'm CHATTERING away... Why don't I SHOW you how nicely Noreen and I fixed it all up? (Well, Per has been pointing out all the things we did WRONG... but WE LIKE IT!

Alright, so it's a second-hand wardrobe...

But we made it PRETTY again...

AND we moved in all our furniture!

Noreen loves the vanity...

And TAMSIN loves the wardrobe!

We BOTH love the indirect lighting...

The wardrobe is PERFECT for all our clothes!

And now we've done all that, we're TOTALLY zonked!


Ooo, our first VISITORS!

Agnes and Catriona BOTH brought us plants!

Per and Fleur babysat Belinda - SUCH a help!

Fleur cannot WAIT...

Errol makes a suggestion...

We'll put in another WINDOW for you!

But we're MEN...

...Er... Wow - a new WINDOW already! Fleur solves the problem...

Time to go!

Thanks, everyone!

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