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Welcome to our Favourite Suppliers page where you can find links to the 1:6 scale doll and action figure suppliers that we regularly use, at Knottwood! (They're listed in alphabetical order.) Click on the left-hand link banners to visit the sites - and click here to return to our FAVOURITE PHOTOSTORY Sites page.

One Sixth Depot

"The Biggest Little Store on the Net!"

Bear Johnson's ONE SIXTH DEPOT ...is aptly named! It's where just about everything but the 1/6 scale kitchen sink ends up. Well, actually... that too! Bear offers the best shopping cart on the net, easy navigation, lightning fast loading (even on dialup!), a vast supply of inexpensive (mostly used) parts, a unique array of custom accessories, a fast site search engine - and equally fast service. (We suspect he works 24 hours a day!)

WARNING:   Affordable used items, condition not guaranteed.

Photo courtesy of Bear's One Sixth Depot

One Sixth Depot has something for every budget.

Home of GI Joe and the Elite Brigade!

This is the place to go if you want high-end military gear and a wide array of action figures. Cotswold's own line, Elite Brigade, is great, with a lot of variety - and you can order just parts, too. I've found them painfully slow on pre-orders - but they have no control over that: pre-orders are driven by suppliers that promise dates they then don't deliver. However, so far I've never missed an order yet, and have had excellent service for years. In among the high-end stuff you'll find unique, fascinating accessories at great prices. They give discounts, and their weekly special is not only worth checking out regularly - but fun!)

WARNING:   High Drool Factor!!

Screen cap courtesy of Cotswold Collectibles

Knottwood's OFFICIAL blacksmith!


INTENTS, Smith of the West: It all started many moons ago when Christine Goff provided C. J. with an absolutely incredible great sword made by the absolutely incredible Ed Cassar. Not only did Ed become Knottwood's Official Blacksmith, but he makes stunning props of ALL sorts, for all ages and genres in history! (Alas that a mere thumbnail snapshot cannot do his superb crafstmanship and incredible detail justice!)
WARNING:   Pointy!
Photo courtesy of Ed Cassar
Visit the Dollhouse and its Silkstone inhabitants!

Mutant Goldfish Designs: The home of artist/designer Kelsie Aman, THIS is the place where other doll coutouriers go, when they want something unique and superbly tailored!! Loads in lightning quickly (even on rural dialup!) and is an absolute feast for the eyes, in every last superb detail.

(And you've just got to love a site with a name like that!)

SUPERB QUALITY. Usually includes shipping!

Photo courtesy of Mutant Goldfish Designs

*Kelsie also has some GREAT tutorials on her site! Our favourite teaches HOW TO REDUCE YOUR PHOTO SIZE FOR UPLOAD - WITHOUT LOSING QUALITY! (All you massive, slow-loading sites that are the bane of dialup readers like us - PLEASE... PLEASE... PLEASE...
go read it!)

Resizing and Resampling Your Photos

Home of Restore Doll katsilk hair!

Here at Knottwood, we do a lot of re-rooting. We exclusively use Restore Doll's fabulous Katsilk doll hair. Kathy Gray now offers 90 colours, including authentic special and custom blends - Kathy will match hair colour for any special or unusual doll you wish to re-root. Her service is prompt, reliable and outstanding. We've been delighted with every order - and if you've never done re-rooting before, DO try her DVD kit! It's the easiest method we've found. (She sells flocking too, for GI Joes!)

WARNING:   Gorgeous Colours! Will have you shaving all your dolls' heads just so you can re-root them.

Navajo Pete Shirley, before and after

Above, transplanted Knottwood Navajo, Pete Shirley, (formerly a Dragon Windtalker action figure with painted head) proudly models his new Midnight Black Katsilk hair from RestoreDoll.com.
Visit Stevo's Toys!

Stevo's Toys: Steve Corn's 1/6 scale metal-cast weapons and accessories are as much fun to browse through as ANY photostory site! (Check out his gallery to start with - you'll see incredibly detailed guns, Viking gear, knives, Western and Native accessories - and happy customer diorama photos.) ...Uh... Not that we remained a browser for long, *sigh*... But we're REALLY looking forward to using the Deluxe Pirate Hats in our upcoming Knottwood Pirate Adventures.
Photo courtesy of Stevo's Toys

These push daggers are Steve's latest creations. Favoured by hardened Western gamblers, they feature authentic mother of pearl, bone, ebony, ivory and walnut handles.

(Above - a cavalry officer's hat!)

courtesy of www.aon-celtic.com

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