Stunning Sunfire!

Bethany Underfoot and her best friend, Buddy Jim Hanbro, pooled their resources together to buy beautiful Andalusian, Sunfire. They introduced her to the rest of Knottwood at Neville and Alicia's wedding and Tournament - and Sunfire was VERY much admired!

Bethany LOVES Sunfire!

Oooh!  Sunfire seems to LIKE Lightning!
Although fiery and responsive to ride, Sunfire is a friendly horse (who took a PARTICULAR liking to Lightning!)

So THIS is what they meant by 'sharing' Sunfire?
Er... this is NOT exactly what we were THINKING of, when we were told that Buddy Jim and Bethany were SHARING Sunfire!

Sunfire is TIRED!
A tired Sunfire has a leisurely stretch and graze...

Sunfire REALLY likes Cheryl!
...But the person Sunfire REALLY likes is CHERYL - who took her back to a fresh, clean stall, and gave her food, water, and a lovely long BRUSHING!

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