Cheryl's Spa Adventure

After THREE DAYS of non-stop winter sports, a completely-exhausted Don flatly refused to get out of bed. Cheryl left him watching skiing on television, and went off to find some way to amuse herself.

By this time, Cheryl was actually a teeeeeeny weeny bit tired herself (shh! Don't tell DON!) The PERFECT solution? - A day at world-renowned Spa Badenhof, not two minutes walk from their chalet!

A bath of roses!
Ahhhh! One of Spa Badenhof's famous ROSE BATHS...

A relaxing massage!
...A relaxing MASSAGE will get rid of those little aches and pains!

And NOW for a new HAIRSTYLE!
Waiting for WORLD-FAMOUS hairdresser, Signior Alfonso!

Signiorina, NEVER have I SEEN such a disaster!
And NOW... we wait...
And now we WAIT...

Just how LONG do I have to stay under this darn DRYER?
How long do I have to stay here?

"I have made you a GODDESS!"
Cheryl is pleasantly surprised!

"Am I not a GENIUS?"
Both Cheryl and Signior Alfonso are pleased with the results!

"No. Do not thank me, my child..."
Signior Alfonso is SO modest!

"Ahhhh! I am a GOD!..."
Big wink from Cheryl!

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