The Knottwood Snow Day Adventure

UNAWARE of Isobel's mischievous promptings, C. J. McLeod enthusiastically tries to get her new friend Rosalinda into the spirit of Knottwood winter...

A Fire?  In the snow?

Rosalinda is STUNNED at how quickly C. J. has a nice blaze going...
A copper pan and McCutcheon's Maple Syrup?

What's THIS?

But behind their BACKS...
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...!

Ah.  Maple taffy.


Rosalinda turns to shout something extremely... uh... spirited at her sister, in Spanish...
POOR Rosalinda!

A veritable BARRAGE of snowballs follow. WAR has been declared!
Now, now, girls!

C. J. speedily puts a STOP to it.

The girls don't need to be told twice!

But it takes them quite a while to struggle uphill...
They shouldn't try to CARRY her!

Alas - Laura speaks the TRUTH!
The girls are TOO late!

Lars Lindquist adds his contribution to the winter feast!
What - no pickled HERRING, Lars?

The happy adults chat and munch on the last scraps, oblivious to the disappointed teens.
Yup, GREAT winter day!

Lars calls after her...
Isobel staggers off...

Oh NO!

(WHY are we NOT reassured?)

Isobel does an Expando spell...

And thus ends an unexpectedly fattening and delicious Knottwood snow day.
YAYYY for McCutcheon's Maple Syrup!

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