The Knottwood Snow Day Adventure

March is almost over - and winter still has Knottwood in its icy grip!  This is the longest winter anyone can REMEMBER!  It doesn't seem to be bothering Isobel P. Hanbro, however...

(What IS she doing?)

...But what IS she DOING?
Is that.... ice?

We know she hasn't been quite the same since turning into Good Isobel before Christmas...
Isobel Hanbro is SKATING?

Good GRIEF!  She actually IS figure skating!
She's doing a SPIN!

...And that's quite a DECENT SPIN!
- And a GOOD one, too!

Her mother must be SO proud!
Good heavens - a Triple LUTZ?

- AND there's quite a lean!

Isobel is SUCH a fibber!

Bridget and Laura come along...

Now, now, girls!

But ONE person is definitely not enjoying the snow.  Rosalinda Reyes Alvarez is positively frozen!

It's Rosalinda and C.J.!

Rosalinda can't believe people actually enjoy winter!

HE doesn't seem to be bothered by the snow!

Rosalinda worries about her father...

As if to emphasize Pablo's point, Buddy Jim Hanbro trots briskly past. He is happily exercising his NEW HORSE!
Even Buddy JIM is out...

Yup, GREAT winter day!

Oh-oh. Isobel's talking about FUN - RUN, everybody!

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