Knottwood Christmas 2007 Fashion Feature

And NOW the moment you've ALL been waiting for - this year's PEEPLE Magazine Fashion Feature! Who was HOT at the 2007 Annual Knottwood Christmas Party... and who was not. Let's start out with hosts NEVILLE and ALICIA WHITE...
What an elegant duo!
a blank space, funnily enoughThe two hard-working young owners of KNOTTWOOD CASTLE cheerfully admitted to wearing "off-the-rack" garments from Mattel - but no couple could have appeared more elegant! From the simplicity of Alicia's apple-blossom gown to the impeccable tailoring of Neville's tuxedo, the pair presented a symphony of good taste! Neville has never looked more darkly handsome - and the ethereal gown perfectly suited Alicia's delicate beauty!

"You're not catching me at my best," she laughed, moving with obvious stiffness (her rheumatoid arthritis has unfortunately resurfaced) - but for the parents of active baby Robin Emily, and hosts of the Gala Event (proceeds of which go one hundred per cent to the Art Barbie Rehabilitation Centre in Little Woffling, Surrey) one would never had guessed!

Also wearing Mattel, fire chief BILLY WINTERBLOSSOM and his wife HERMIONE looked more relaxed and happier than we've ever seen them!

"What to wear wasn't the first priority for us, this year," laughed Knottwood's favourite dancing teacher, glowing in a heavenly turquoise evening gown that nevertheless seemed to sport one embellishment too many.

But we don't blame Hermione for her unusual lack of sartorial discrimination - the happy couple had  just been reunited with son Tommy, missing since age four and presumed drowned!

"We're so happy, we would have come here in our PYJAMAS, if I suddenly hadn't noticed we were still wearing fuzzy slippers," laughed the lovely Hermione.

We quite understand, of course!

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Hermione lets her hair down!

Two glamourous grandmas!
L - R: Pearl Hanbro, Athène Degas
a blank space, funnily enough Meanwhile, subtle shades of jade seemed the order of the day for Hanbro family grandmothers PEARL HANBRO and ATHÈNE DEGAS. Nancy Hanbro's mother Athène earned nothing but kudos with her flattering, exquisitely classic evening gown and faux feather stole designed by world famous Monsieur Pat of Coldwater.

Pearl also chose a Monsieur Pat creation, a perfectly tailored floral print dress and matching jacket, set off by a delicate pearl necklace from Teresa of Loony Knoll - but the feisty Southern belle stubbornly insisted on wearing her trademark white sneakers. When queried about the sneakers, Pearl remained adamant: "Young man, when you get to be my age, you wear whatever you darned well like!".

Fur almost flew when lovely NANCY HANBRO and beautiful BETHANY UNDERFOOT found themselves wearing boldly distinctive outfits in black and white - from rival designers!

Bethany turned up in a striking, form-fitting floor length gown by Monsieur Pat of Coldwater, playfully using her beloved Dalmation dog, Spotteline, as an Accessory! We have to admit, we've NEVER seen Bethany look more stunning - and that's saying something!

Nancy chose to wear an equally striking polka-dot ensemble by Mutant Goldfish Designs, a veritable hymn to femininity and high fashion! Inclined at first to take umbrage with Bethany and Spotteline stealing her thunder, Nancy finally saw the light and graciously agreed to pose, flanked by the dazzling duo.

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What an elegant, uh, trio!
L - R: Spotteline, Nancy Hanbro, Bethany Underfoot

Seafoam lives!
L - R: Iris "Anguish" Peel, Jennifer "Jet" McLeod
a blank space, funnily enough Another duo aiming to surprise in similar colours - JET McLEOD and IRIS PEEL (girlfriend of gifted but reclusive artist Peter Linsell.)

Iris (a.k.a. "Anguish") is definitely all about "shocking people" - so what BETTER way to do it than by abandoning her trademark black for a mist of translucent sea-foam dancing lightly over daring skulls-and-lace lingerie, all by Laura of Warlord's Keep. "I saw it, and I couldn't resist it," cheerfully confessed the normally taciturn Goth.

Jet also chose a Warlord's Keep outfit in seafoam (this season's HOT colour!) With an unerring eye for wildly unusual colour combinations, the statuesque Canadian livened up her casual down-home look with jaunty red OJI cowboy boots.

CHERYL HANEY appeared as a vision in glittering gold in yet another Monsieur Pat masterpiece! The wife of Knottwood's newly-promoted police Inspector wisely opted to offset all that glitter with minimalist accessories and style. However, when we commented on the elegance of her simple coiffure, she laughed and told us "Emily-Amelie was helping Tina at the hair salon this morning. She cut off my CURLS!"

"I'm being a Christmas Decoration!" This was the disorienting but enthusiastic cry with which lovely NADINE LINDQUIST greeted us. Eyeing her Mattel outfit, we were about to heartily agree, but then she added, with obvious regret, "...only I couldn't get my black fishnet stockings on."

Nadine, you leave us... SPEECHLESS...

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L - R: Cheryl Haney, Nadine Lindquist

ARE they an item?
a blank space, funnily enough He may have arrived with leading lady Varna - but actor TROY DAMON HUNTER, star of blockbuster cinematic hit, Revenge Of The Slave Queen, ended the evening with CELESTIA SKYE, (co-owner and choreographer of the Knottwood Ballet Company.)

While Mr. Hunter's tux looked decidely rumpled after his Encounter with the lovely Celestia, she herself remained impeccably cool, dazzling the room in yet another breathtaking Monsieur Pat creation in deepest sapphire blue.

The statuesque ex-dancer heartily laughed off rumours she had been secretly dating Mr. Hunter for months. "The truth is I'd never met him before tonight," confessed Celestia. "He picked me to pose with him because he said... my dress matched his EYES!"

DR. MEGAN HANBRO and C. J. McLEOD both chose creations from Monsieur Pat. Dr. Megan looked refreshingly elegant in jade silk - a much more fitted and classic look than we are used to seeing from the lovely village doctor. From her matching clutch purse to her delicate green pearl earrings, the doctor dazzled - but to our frustration, she has inherited her mother's predilection for comfortable footwear - and somebody get her a hairbrush!

On the other hand, C. J. sparkled like Christmas wine, poured into a luscious, form-hugging red gown that seemed to be held up only by gravity! Her simple candy red nailpolish and lip gloss complimented a pair of the sort of "little black strappy sandals" she once swore never to wear, and one could only feel sorry for on-again, off-again beau, Piers Bosnan, who is currently Off...

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L - R: Dr. Megan Hanbro-Pinhead, Cari "C. J" McLeod

ARE they an item?
a blank space, funnily enough ...In fact, PIERS BOSNAN arrived with German pairs skating champion, GISELA KOSTER, on his arm! The duo dazzled in snowy white - but didn't stay LONG enough for us to get a peek at What Was Under That Coat!

Gisela did tell us, however, it's a Teresa of Loony Knoll creation, in faux fur. The latter doesn't surprise us, as Gisela is known to be an outspoken champion of animal rights.

Well, we NEVER thought we'd see the day - sisters VARNA SORENSEN and LILITH daGAMBA actually posed together - and both wearing glittering gowns that only Monsieur Pat of Coldwater could design so daringly!

Only Varna could pull off wearing a cocktail dress with a metallic-feathered bubble skirt, its brilliant jewel-tones leaning towards magenta, while older sister Lilith chose a deep royal purple that brought out the amethyst lights in her eyes and flattered her more statuesque figure.

Rarely have we seen two such equally spectacular sisters than our two lovely Knottwood Knorwegians!

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L - R: Varna Sorensen-Thorssen, Lilith Sorensen-da Gamba

Per is KNOWN for his healthy, baggy pants... alas...
a blank space, funnily enough We just HAD to sneak in this impromptu shot of Knottwood Everglades Assistant Head Park Ranger PER GUNNAR THORSSEN looking uncharacteristically mutinous in breath-stoppingly tight Mutant Goldfish "aged" designer jeans and a Cotswold shirt. We overheard several of the Knottwood ladies whisper that he could give Troy Damon Hunter a run for his money, should he ever decide to take up acting.

So what GOT our unshaven hero in this dangerous mood? Could it be watching actress wife Varna on the arm of leading hunk, Troy? Could it be having to carry all her gear and equipment? The price of CHEESE? We just HAD to know.

"It's these darn tight JEANS," growled outdoorsman Per (famed for his love of "healthy", loose-fitting cotton pants.) "Varna gave them to me for Christmas - and they're two sizes too small!"

Per - the ladies might beg to DISAGREE!

And the winner is... LILITH!

So who is our PICK as THIS year's Belle of the Ball? Well, last year's winner, flame-haired movie vixen VARNA, lost her title for the first time EVER to "mousy-haired" sister LILITH SORENSEN-daGAMBA - by a veritable hairsbreadth!

We hate to end this feature on a sour note, but regrettably, Varna has refused all interviews since the party. She is said to be "inconsolable".

Sour Grapes!

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With thanks to PAT at Coldwater IGA for yet another sublime collection of amazing gowns!
Nancy's ensemble and Per's jeans and belt by MUTANT GOLDFISH DESIGNS
Anguish and Jet's outfits (and Anguish's skull lingerie) by LAURA of WARLORD'S KEEP
Pearl Hanbro's necklace and Gisela's Himalyan Mountain Goat coat by TERESA of LOONY KNOLL

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