Michael's Big Surprise Adventure

It's a VERY EXCITING DAY for Michael Alexander Hanbro! His American cousin Stewart is visiting KNOTTWOOD, on a brief leave from the Marines before heading out to the Middle East. But what is Michael doing with his grandmother's sewing machine?
Now THIS is a surprise...

OhmiGOSH! He's actually sewing something!
(My goodness!  He sews QUICKLY!)

What on EARTH can he be making?...
(He seems to know what he's DOING...)

Very impressive!

Ooooo! Looks like he's DONE!
Well, he seems to know what he's doing!

FINALLY he allows cousin Stewart IN, to see the Surprise!
What COULD it be?

(Ooo, that looks comfy...)

(Now, boys - stop teasing LARS!)

"It's filled with SWANSDOWN!"
(Wonder where Michael got *swansdown*?)
(Let's magically peep and see...)

Well, you don't often hear a MARINE admit that sort of thing!

My!  He looks *relaxed!*

All too soon, Stu has to go to his Official Reception at Knottwood Castle - but before joining everyone, Michael decides to quickly make his grandmother a nice new PINCUSHION...
Wow!  He can sew ANYTHING!

The pincushion is soon completed, and Michael hurries up to the Castle. As he arrives, however, he notices something strange...
All the LIGHTS seem to be out...

He enters the Spongebob Room to UTTER blackness and SILENCE...
This is SO eeeeerie!
What could have happened to everyone?

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