Cheryl's Very Overdue Adventure

One chilly Sunday morning in winter, Officer Don awakens to find Cheryl up and dressed...
Cheryl's feeling UNUSUALLY energetic...

Hmm... Good thing his CONTACT lenses aren't in yet...
I wonder why?

What is she UP to?

EEEK!  CHERYL! Think of your *BABY!*

Oh the POOOR little *sheeeep*...

What IS she UP to?

Good HEAVENS! Riding at NINE and a HALF months PREGNANT???

- NO kidding?

WhatEVER will she try NEXT?

Poor Lightning!  He's not a SNOWplow...

NOW what's she doing?

EEEEEK!  Don't *FALL*!

(Looks like Lightning's had ENOUGH...)


Oh NO!  The BABY's coming!

She's falling OFF!

This is NOT good!)

Her fall does NOT go unobserved!
Alan is puzzled...

Her horrified husband rushes out to help!
Officer Don is HORRIFIED!

Cheryl does not hear his anxious cries!
Better hurry UP, Cheryl!

Where IS she???

He is in SHOCK!

Cheryl brightly appears!)

But WAIT!  What's MISSING?



(I think he's FAINTED!)

Not long afterwards...
Everything ends happily!

(Yes, Officer Don IS a big wimp...)

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