The Loony Knoll Adventure

Holiday time at LAST in Loony Knoll, Canada! Once they were unpacked, the Knottwood contingent got down to some serious rest and relaxation, in their own particular ways...
Hmm, I don't trust that sickly SMILE on Isobel's face...

Isobel lifts her little sister up for a better look...
Don't let her SLIP, Isobel!

What a LOT of work!

"He's JUST about to put the aquatic plants in. They help the pond to breathe..."
Doesn't the pond need a liner?

Hope nobody falls IN...

"Yes, Holly. It's AMAZING how quickly wildlife moves in!"
SO true...

And we don't know who's MORE surprised - Holly or Isobel!

"She even let me use her favourite blue DECKCHAIR!"
Isn't that NICE of her? Click here to look through the BINOCULARS...

"Why, I think she'th turned over a WHOLE NEW LEAF!... No more naughty ITHOBEL!"

POOR Bethany!
(I wonder how some of the OTHERS are enjoying the wilds of Northern Canada?)

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