It's a sunny Saturday May morning, and Isobel has cooked her famous PANCAKES to thank Cheryl Haney for taking care of all the Knottwood horses while she was stuck in a wheelchair, recovering from a nasty fall. Cheryl is amused that Isobel just can't stop chattering about her new baby brother!
Isobel CAN'T stop talking about Toby!

Oh my!...

Cheryl thinks it's WONDERFUL...

All those visitors so SOON! What an alarming thought!

"Mummy's skating partner, Lars, walked in with a GIANT bunch of flowers..."
Of course, it WOULD be Lars...

"...followed by all FIVE of the Lindquist kiddies!"
How BIG the Lindquist children have grown!

"...And then Katherine brought in NADINE..."
What a CROWD!

"...But Auntie Megan kicked them all OUT after ten minutes or so..."
Now THAT was rude!

"Then you and Officer Don came to see us, when Mum and Toby got home from HOSPITAL..."
Holly is SO excited!

"...AND daddy's secretary, Noreen..."
Noreen LOVES babies!

"Even C. J. thought he was pretty cool..."
Thumbs up from C. J. McLeod...

"He got some REALLY odd presents... "
(SMOKING near a *BABY*???)

"And there was a sticky Moment when Mum scolded the Professor for SMOKING near Toby..."
Oh, POOR man!

"We had a few minor disasters..."
(We won't show you What Happened Next, but I BET you can GUESS...)

"...And one MAJOR one..."

(*POOR child!*)

"And of course, he's had wall-to-wall FAMILY gushing and goo-ing over him..."
NO fighting over the BABY...

"I think Aunt Megan and Joe are practicing on him for when THEY have children!"
But Toby IS adorable!

We haven't MET Auntie Fiona yet!
(Nancy Hanbro's new kitchen cabinet carvings courtesy of Aon-Celtic)

Yes, where ARE Charles and Catriona?


Where did THEY come from?

(Millionaire dentist Charles Hesketh Asmundsen's "Tree of Life" t-shirt from Aon-Celtic)

Catriona is MUCH more flabbergasted than she pretends to be...

Hmm, I DON'T think Catriona needs to WORRY...

Well, Catriona WAS the baby of the family...

...AS she very well remembers...

POOR Charles Hesketh Asmundsen, Millionaire Dentist...

[Stunned silence]


Cheryl sums it up best...

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