Neville & Alicia's Changing Spaces - The Reveal!

    We join Isobel in her NEW ROOM, where she is working up the nerve to uncover her EYES...

Wonder what she'll THINK of her new room?

The moment of TRUTH!

*Whew!* - She's OBVIOUSLY delighted!

DEFinitely a GOOD thing!

We've never SEEN Isobel so excited!

Isobel darts happily about, examining everything!
Nancy is SUCH a neatness nut!

How WONDERFUL of them!

Hm, VERY shiny!

And speak of the devil!
At LAST - they MEET!

Good thing Anna is stronger than she looks!

Katherine soon joins them...
THIS is going to be interesting...

It DOES look comfortable! Ooooh, how MAGICAL!

Isobel SHOCKS Anna and Katherine with tales of Hildi's outrageous shenanigans...
I *don't* think they're too IMPRESSED...

What a little GOSSIP!

We should have KNOWN...

AND that's a WRAP from THIS week's edition of...
Changing Spaces

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