The Aon-Celtic Armour Adventure

It was like CHRISTMAS, the day Buddy Jim's custom Aon-Celtic armour arrived from County Galway, Ireland. It arrived the very day of the DRESS REHEARSAL for the wedding, and everyone was over at Knottwood Studio...

The long-awaited package FINALLY arrives!...

Michael and Buddy Jim practically RIP it apart!

The corslet GLITTERS as it comes out the box!

The boys are DELIGHTED!

But what's this SECOND package?


Michael and Buddy Jim are practically BESIDE themselves with delight!
Michael and Buddy Jim are practically BESIDE themselves...

"What IS it with boys and WAR STUFF?"
The long-awaited package FINALLY arrives!...

To everyone's surprise, NEVILLE leaves his beloved
Robin Hood suit and rushes RIGHT over!
Neville surprises EVERYONE!

Neville is disappointed...

Michael and Neville hatch a DIABOLICAL plan...


What is HAPPENING to Our Nev?

Goodness GRACIOUS!

Will wonders never CEASE?

Somebody STOP him!

Ooops.  TOOOO late...

They had to bring in MICHAEL to reason with him!
Even MICHAEL has no success..

The argument goes on for AGES...

Neville is ADAMANT!

Katherine is forced to TAKE ACTION!

Drastic measures indeed!

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