Nadine Lindquist

Nadine Lindquist...
Nadine is universally liked by everyone in Knottwood. Bubbly, kind-hearted and cheerful, she never has a cross word to say about anyone. Lars Lindquist was especially smitten by her when he came to Knottwood to train with figure skating partner Nancy Hanbro, and he and Nadine soon married. They are now the proud parents of triplets, Annifrid, Cheyenne and Katherine - AND twins, Luke and Andraia!

Name: Nadine Jean Lindquist
Spouse: Lars
Children: Annifrid, Cheyenne and Katherine
Job: Mother; volunteer hairdresser for Sunnyside Up Nursing Home, Knottwood
Loves: EVERYTHING! Especially my family, my friends, kittens, puppies, lambs, bunnies, balloons, parties, unicorns, flowers, singing, babies, hair and NATURE!
Hates: People who gossip and say nasty things about other people
Pet Peeves: When Lars forgets to phone me and tell me he's going to be LATE!
Favourite food: Ooo, that's EASY! Strawberries and cream!
Special Interests: Volunteer work, playing my pink electric GUITAR, singing, hairdressing.
Secret Ambition: To sing with Violet Moon's band!
Lars notices Nadine!

I think Dr. Agnes is WONDERFUL!
My two best friends, Tamsin and Cheryl!
Tamsin was there when Lars proposed!
Cheryl and I became mothers ALMOST at the same time...
Me getting some EXERCISE!
Our triplets made the front PAGE!

Three years later, we really DID have twins - meet Luke and Andraia!
(I've got more recent photos SOMEWHERE...)

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