Nadine and Lars Rather Rowdy Reception!

The photographer was jinxed that day - not ONE of the Official Wedding Photos turned out! Luckily, all the guests generously donated these, er, ah, um... VERY.. candid snapshots for Nadine's wedding album!

Everyone loved the special imported Swedish Lingonberry Champagne!

Per Gunnar THORSSEN - did you drink that whole bottle yourSELF?

I've got the wrong SHOES!

Ooo, Lars - you'll NEVER guess what that naughty DOVE just did!

Slow DOWN, Isobel!

Mutht... have... dwink...lookth... tho.. FIZZY!

WHAT glamorous new hairstyle? - it's this HUMIDITY!
Cheryl, you CAN'T canter round a banquet hall on a HORSE!

Now make the dove POOP on her HEAD, Harry... Now make the dove POOP on her HEAD, Harry...

Varna, I KNOW you were trying to flirt with Gabe!

It was SO nice of Buddy Jim to let me try out his HARP...

Oh Billy, lighten UP!

Lars, I'm ABsolutely exHAUSTED!...

(And let's not forget the Honeymoon photos - Special thanks to Nadine for the Viking Ship ones!)

Nadine's Honeymoon Surprise
Lars Viking Ship Honeymoon Adventure

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