Caught in the Act

We went round and collected snapshots from people, for a candid look behind the scenes... We got some VERY interesting shots indeed (ESPECIALLY from Isobel Hanbro and her Invisible Camera!)

(Ahhh... Isn't this SWEEEET?)
Oh, how SWEET!

"Ah persuaded 'eem to take thees cushion 'ome for 'is tailbone because eet
look like leetle red 'eart on ze Thorssen coat of arms! Cleveur, n'est-ce pas?"
Practical Fleur!.

Even Nurse Cindy was there, with daughter Lara...
Wow - Nurse Cindy out of UNIFORM?

REALLY, Dimple Twins! Have you NO pride at ALL?
Of course, the Dimple Twins were fighting over Lars again...

Er, ONE tiny rose, Sir Donald?...

Don't TELL anyone - but Errol the Barbarian is secretly nice to SMALL CHILDREN!
Errol the BARBARIAN, eh?...

I think Isobel LIKES Bethany's new horse!

Wonder who C. J. is dreaming about?

Rose the ragamuffin!

"Is this Barbarian BOTHERING you, Miss?"
Errol is SUCH an outrageous flirt!

Jeri STILL teases her baby brother!

Cheryl had the most fun at the Tournament in the BARN...
Cheryl's happiest time at the Tournament was taking care of the horses...

...Doctor Megan had the most fun BEHIND it!
DOC-tor MEGan!  We're *SHOCKED!*

"Isobel, I KNOW that's YOU taking photos! Come OUT, you naughty girl!"
Doctor Megan had the most fun BEHIND it...

Nancy is worried that she has upset Cheryl...

Good GRIEF, Lars... They're STIFF with horse sweat and dirt!

Nadine can't BELIEVE he is SERIOUS!

"*Sigh*Ahhhhh! THAT'S more like it..."
Isobel Hanbro!  HOW did you get THAT shot???

Thanks to the AMAZING INVISOBEL-ISOBEL HANBRO and her Magic Mirror for these candid shots

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