Welcome to our Friends of Knottwood page where you can find links to our favourite 1:6 scale doll and action figure photostory sites we like (listed in alphabetical order.) We consider these story sites PG-rated or close to it, but occasionally humour or situations may not appeal to everyone, so follow the links at your own discretion. Click on the left-hand link banners to visit the sites - and check out our brand new FAVOURITE SUPPLIERS page!
Visit the Neo-T girls at Amithe.de!

Amithi.de: The only other site we've found so far where humans and 12" people interact! Anna Lena (a.k.a. "Blaze") has all the mischief of Isobel Hanbro and Cheryl Haney combined. (She also has the coolest Ikea Poäng chair!) If THIS is what Isobel is going to be like in about seven or eight Knottwood years, we can't wait!

FAMILY FRIENDLY. Amithi herself posts a couple of warnings about one or two things likely to offend, but we found this precaution unnecessary.

Photo courtesy of Amithe.de

Knottwood's OFFICIAL blacksmith!


INTENTS, Smith of the West: It all started many moons ago when Christine Goff provided C. J. with an absolutely incredible great sword made by the absolutely incredible Ed Cassar. Not only did Ed become Knottwood's Official Blacksmith, but he makes stunning props of ALL sorts, for all ages and genres in history! (Alas that a mere thumbnail snapshot cannot do his superb crafstmanship and incredible detail justice!)

Although he doesn't have his own photostory site, we just had to include Ed on BOTH our "Friends" page - AND our "Favourite Suppliers" page - because he has personally contributed so much to supplying our adventures, WAY above and beyond!

WARNING:   Purchase one sword, and you'll be spoiled for life!

Photo courtesy of Ed Cassar
Visit the Dollhouse and its Silkstone inhabitants!

Mutant Goldfish Designs: You've got to love a site with a name like that! It's the home of artist/coutourier Kelsie Aman and her exquisite Silkstone and Fashion Royalty Barbies! Loads in lightning quickly (even on rural dialup!) and is an absolute feast for the eyes, in every last superb detail.

(And if you're really, REALLY lucky, you might pick up a truly unique tailored outfit for your own dolly world - check out our Suppliers page!)

FAMILY FRIENDLY. Refreshingly above reproach!

Photo courtesy of Mutant Goldfish Designs

***Kelsie also has some GREAT tutorials on her site! Our favourite teaches HOW TO REDUCE YOUR PHOTO SIZE FOR UPLOAD - WITHOUT LOSING QUALITY! (All you massive, slow-loading sites that are the bane of dialup readers like us - *PLEASE... PLEASE... * go read it! *)

Visit the 1:6 Irregulars at On The Jaynestream!

On The Jaynestream: This is a site with attitude, but it's the sort you earn. Only a portion, The One Sixth Irregulars, is devoted to dolls, but there's lots of Harry Potter, Jayne's forthright views on life, and her super-adorable great-niece, who follows in her dolly footsteps!

NOTE: Nude doll bodies in one shot. And the 1:6th Irregulars DO use a headless male action figure as a bean bag chair, but let's just remember that these soldier gals are practical!

Photo courtesalt=
Visit the 6th Dimension!

6th Dimension: This site contains two very different flavours: The famous Camp Dizzy, with crossovers from the Wizzettes - and Team 5, a mysterious organization James Bond would be right at home in. Also contains great links and tutorials!

NOTE: STORIES section VERY family friendly. TEAM 6 "Secrets": Well... let's just say... whatever DID happen to Harry?

Photo courtesy of 6th Dimension
Photos courtesy of Vinyl Edge Magazine! Click to visit!

Vinyl Edge: Move over, Errol Stanley Ryder - here comes Vinyl Edge magazine to knock PEEPLE off the map! Editor Genielinda regularly produces wonderful tabloid-style mini-magazines that you can print to use in your OWN photostories or dioramas - featuring real 1/6 site characters from all your favourite photostory sites!

A truly unique site!

NOTE:   SHOCKING headlines! SCANDALOUS gossip!  TONS of  FUN!

Editor Genielinda

...and don't miss Genielinda's personal dolly diorama site!

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