Nadine and Lars' Wedding!

Nadine is worried... Celebrated pairs skater Lars Lindquist spared no expense for his wedding to the lovely Nadine Sherwood - pink Swedish lingonberry champagne imported from Stockholm, pink Waterford crystal glasses, sterling silver dinner service for 364 guests, a positive avalanche of flowers ordered months before the wedding, a flock of real white doves to be released as the bride and groom kissed...

When the big day came, however, it dawned to a darkened sky laden with ominous black clouds... Alas, this seemed to set the tone for the entire wedding.

Among the disasters to befall the Lindquist nuptials (apart from the aforementioned thunderstorms); the photographer had camera trouble, best maid Tamsin forgot her matching spring green satin shoes (and had to wear purple!), Nadine lost her bouquet (fortunately our fabulous Knottwood flower shop, Lilith's Lilies, managed to supply another), Lars' cousin Per broke up VERY noisily with his tempestuous girlfriend, Varna Sorensen, right in the middle of the reception; and the doves dropped little souvenirs on the bridal party. To top it all off, the boys from Frogspit, Louisiana, refused to put on shoes or take off their bandannas in church before starting a very energetic food fight in a corner of the vestry! (We did not take photos of that!)

However Lars Lindquist's supreme optimism and his lovely bride's sunny disposition overcame every barrier, and everyone had a wonderful time!

Nadine arrives pulled by a snow-white horse!

Lovely Nadine!

Nadine hurries down the aisle... Lars!

I want LOTS of babies, Lars!

You may now kiss the bride...

I just LOVE hearing the boys play classical music!

A toast to the bride and groom!

Katherine enjoys the cake...!

More where that came from!

Let me help you with that HUGE bottle, Lars...



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