Isobel's Mad Officer Don Adventure

One sunny Saturday morning, as Isobel Hanbro and her younger sister Holly are returning from the library...
Isobel and her sister Holly are out for a walk...

Too late to tiptoe away!

Officer Don doesn't look too happy!
"What's all THIS, then?... About to get up to MISCHIEF, are we?"

It seems HAIR has something to do with this...
"Having fun with people's HAIR again, I hear..."

Isobel is in TROUBLE!
"Why, even your own PARENTS have filed a complaint against you!"

Isobel did WHAT?
"Apparently, Miss Hanbro, you decided your father would prefer your mother as a BLONDE..."

Officer Don gives her SUCH a scolding!
"...Expected BETTER from you blah blah blah... your mother writing to your HEADMASTER blah blah... BAD example to your little sister blah blah blah NEVER seen such naughtiness blah blah blah COMPLETELY irresponsible blah blah and AS for my wife's GREEN HAIR, young lady... "

Officer Don wants an EXPLANATION!
"WELL?  What have you got to SAY for yourself?"


NOOOOOO, Isobel!...

WHAT has she DONE?

"That stuff covering my eyes had better not be what it FEELS like, missy!"

Holly makes a suggestion...

Oh NO - another SPELL!
"WHAT the-?"

Officer Don TRIES to be patient...
"Isobel, I'm counting to three. That's ONE... That's TWO..."

TOOO late!

The girls survey their handiwork...

...before running away, giggling madly...

...Poor Officer Don!
So THIS is what happened to Cheryl's hair...
"Girls?... Uh... Girls?"

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