Isobel's Christmas Knight Adventure - Part TWO

What's this? The Haney household? Hmmm... At least Private Stu Hanbro has reunited young Alan with his distraught PARENTS...
What a NICE young man!

Stu's going back on ACTIVE DUTY...

Heartfelt thanks and regretful goodbyes are exchanged...
A good thing he was HERE!

Like STU, we will leave the little tyke with his parents (hoping he has learned a LESSON!)
The boy who cried Wolf?

Now that Alan is safe and Stu is on his way, let's see what ISOBELF is up to, deep in the FOREST...

What a TWIT!

(Ohmigosh! You mean, Isobelf finished her food before the TROLL?)
What a pair of PIGGIES!

There was ONE other part to their deal...
Thank HEAVENS she's ALIVE!

WAIT till we tell your *PARENTS!*
(You just WAIT till your PARENTS hear about this, young lady!)

And we DO admit... little Alan Haney has been a LOT better-behaved since that day...
Well, she should KNOW...

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VERY Special Thanks to GWEN, for being such a GOOD SPORT!

Thanks also to JANE for the background to Alan's cottage
(AND the Happy Meals!)