Lilith Sorensen-Da Gamba

Lilith in her beloved flower shop...

Lilith and sister Varna originally hail from Oslo, Norway. Lilith came to England to attend business college in Bestchester, and discovered Knottwood by accident while looking for a cheap flat. She bought the little corner shop on Main Street three years later (as a graduation present to herself!) and now lives with new husband Gabe (a paramedic) over the shop.

Name: Lilith Sorensen-Da Gamba
Job: Owner of Lilith's Lilies flower shop and cafe
Spouse: Gabriel da Gamba
Siblings: sister Varna Sorensen
Hates: The fact that my sister lives SO near!
Loves: Flowers, people, the Sixties, the Beatles, Gabe, my wonderful assistant Katherine, my flower supplier Teresa from Loony Knoll, saving money, MAKING money!
Pet Peeves: slow delivery vans, inferior quality vases
Special Interests: Well, duh, FLOWERS!!!
Not-So-Secret Ambition: Flowers in every house in KNOTTWOOD!

Lilith made the cover of PEEPLE magazine!
I actually made the cover of PEEPLE magazine, earlier this year!

My wedding was WONDERFUL!
...Though the REAL highlight of my year was marrying Gabe!

A shocking prediction!
At my wedding shower, my friends brought in a fortune teller. I was NOT amused at her prediction!

Our first married disagreement!
The first time Gabe EVER put his foot down about anything, after our wedding:
"No PINK WALLPAPER!"   (He's so CUTE when he tries to be forceful...)

Gabe loves children!
Gabe wants us to have children RIGHT away - but I've told him, not for a while!

My wonderful flowers from Loony Knoll!
These are just some of the WONDERFUL flowers sent to me - fresh from Loony Knoll, Canada!

This is my WONDERFUL assistant Katherine! I just don't know WHAT I'd do without her!

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