The Arctic Expedition is almost over. No Mongolian Mummy - but Errol, Per, Michael, Hermione and Varna DID find and liberate Buddy Jim's cryogenically frozen father (who is also Errol's uncle!) General Jefferson Beauregard Hanbro had been missing and presumed dead for 24 years - but, magically, he is STILL ALIVE! 
Earl can't BELIEVE it!

The group is just starting back to the magic Jump Point when Varna suddenly screams!
The girls get a nasty shock...

Errol looks back - and recognizes two of the most RUTHLESS treasure hunters alive!
Errol is alarmed!

The girls are in DANGER!
These are REALLY nasty villains!

The girls are alarmed but undaunted...


Don't play with GUNS, Varna!

Ow, my EARS!

JUST in time!

TOO bad, you two...
...But will General Jefferson Beauregard Hanbro REVIVE and RECOVER???

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