Sir Lars Lindquist

Lars had a GREAT time!

Lars Lindquist had the time of his LIFE at Alicia and Neville's Tournament and Wedding! He attributes this to "Preparation, practice and MORE practice!" Lars trained diligently EVERY day in sword practice (his weakest skill) with Sword Master Michael; and took riding lessons from both Cheryl AND Katherine! When Cheryl recommended he ride reliable, steady Lightning, Lars for once put his famed ego aside, and took her advice. He and the friendly, easy-going horse got along VERY well!

Lars trained with sword master MICHAEL!
Sword master Michael REALLY put Lars through his paces!

The results were spectacular - considering this is Lars' first EVER tournament! No one expected him to beat highly-trained and experienced former Ultra Corps soldiers and skilled riders Bethany Underfoot and Buddy Jim Hanbro - and he didn't. But he was the ONLY rider (apart from Buddy Jim) to last through TWO rounds of the joust with Bethany!

Lars was all prepared for the joust!

To top it all off, Lars found out that wife Nadine is expecting TWINS (to go with their TRIPLETS!) He seemed deliriously happy at the news, and bought a sparkling Nadine a lavish bunch of flowers from Lilith of Lilith's Lilies.

Lars bought these WONDERFUL flowers from Lilith as SOON
as he heard Nadine's happy news!

What's next for our happy knight? "Nancy and I are working out a new skating routine - based on our mediaeval experience! I will be wearing my gold chain mail," chuckles Lars proudly.

A happy Lars rides off with the third place trophy!
A happy Lars rides off with the THIRD PLACE trophy!

We must say, he has earned the right to wear it!

Watching the SPECTACULAR fireworks...

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