Sir Lars' Knightly Jousting Adventure

There is an air of expectancy as all wait... and wait... for the next challenger.  Sir Lars had acquitted himself spectacularly in the melee... Would his skill (and nerve) hold for the joust?

WHAT an exciting afternoon!

Thanks to his figure skating fame, Sir Lars knows the VALUE of a dramatic entrance...
He sure knows how to build suspense...

He canters in, sporting a spectacular new golden HELMET...

Another Dramatic Moment as he removes his helmet...
...with one sweeping motion, we might add! salute Lady Bethany with unswerving eye contact for an interminable moment...
You could have heard a PIN drop!

The preliminaries over, it is Lars who initiates the first charge!

In a clatter of hooves, Lady Bethany suddenly disappears from sight...
We sense DISASTER.... a brilliant move that has her narrowly escaping Lars' lance!
Good thing policemen have hard heads!

Undaunted, Lars wheels round and gathers Lightning on his haunches to charge again!
Wow, he HAS been practicing!

...which he does before Bethany can catch her breath!
VERY impressive!

A collective gasp shudders through the crowd at yet ANOTHER near miss!

But Sir Lars doesn't let UP!
Ooo, look at gentle, sunny-natured Nadine!

Time and again, he almost HAS Lady Bethany!

Inevitably, however, his luck runs out...
Bethany HAS been doing this for YEARS...

Soft landing!

His disappointment vanishes at her next words. High praise indeed!
Yes, well DONE, Lars!

Spectators SWORE he was singing happily as he limped from the arena...
As well he might - it won him THIRD PLACE!
Onwards to the FINAL contestant...

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