Lars Lindquist

A star must ALWAYS look his best...

Name: Lars Lindquist
Job: Professional Figure Skater (pairs)
Loves: Picnics with my family, skating, Sweden, Knottwood, pickled herring, garlic, my hair, my Nordic good looks and charm
Hates: Unflattering photographs
Pet Peeves: People who tell me my hair is `sandy'
Hobbies: Hiking, baking, swimming, jogging
Secret Ambition: Tü star in a movie based on my life!

Born in Stockholm, the handsome Swede is an international figure skater, along with partner Nancy Hanbro. The two were Junior World Champions in their early teens, split up for several years but got back together specially for a Gala Benefit Evening at Knottwood Arena. They enjoyed it so much, they reunited, and now skate very successfully on the pro circuit. Known for his snazzy taste in clothing, Lars manages to combine his busy career and many public appearances (including an upcoming TV special, "Bjørn to Skate") with being father to triplets Annifrid, Cheyenne and Katherine. (Look for his very own line of Pickled Herring in stores SOON!)

With skating partner Nancy Hanbro...

Here I am, coaching my güd friend Katerina at Knottwood Arena...
Lars also enjoys coaching..

Even when following more `manly' pursuits, such as helping my güd friend Buddy Jim to track poachers, I am always the most well-dressed male in the bunch!
Out with the boys...

Me being told I was the father of TRIPLETS!
Lars was SHOCKED when he found out he was the father of TRIPLETS!

Thank heavens our friend Katerina was there to assist with the delivery!
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My perfect little angels - Annifrid, Cheyenne and Katherine!
The triplets JUST after they were born!

...And now we have TWINS, too! (Their names are Luke and Andraia.)
(They look like MEEEE!)

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