Sir Lars Lindquist

Of all the knights, only Lars Lindquist remained faithful to his Lady - In spite of the devotion of the Dimple Twins, there was NO QUESTION but that he would request a token only from lovely wife, Nadine!

Lars and his ladies!

Lars was rewarded with a RED LETTER day! Not only was he the only knight (besides Buddy Jim, of course) to last TWO rounds in the joust with undisputed champion Lady Bethany Underfoot, but he also won third place in the outdoor fighting - and learned he was going to be the father of TWINS!

A devoted couple!

Nadine looked simply stunning in a shimmering gown of sea-green satin, in imitation of the legendary Melusine, serpent fairy. (Katherine actually made Nadine a wonderful velvet serpent - we will include a photograph just as SOON as the Lindquist Triplets and little Alan Haney tell us where they hid it).

The lovely Nadine!

But this page on Lars' ladies just would NOT be complete, he insists, without a photo of his lovely daughters - Katherine, Cheyenne and Annifrid.

Lars and his girls!

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