Katherine's Kno More Knottwood Adventure

Oh ye of little faith - Isobel and Belinda merely use Vermintrude to pin Justin James Sweeney by his baggy shorts to his SEAT... while they SERENADE him enthusiastically!

What ARE they doing?

Their tactics achieve the inevitable results - and not a MOMENT too SOON...
Katherine is lost in her book...

...For KATHERINE is beginning to resort to wearing BLACK NAIL POLISH and HEAVY METAL T-SHIRTS!

Oh dear...

Katherine gets a surprise...

What's all this, then?

"100 per cent!"

Katherine is BACK!
"A great, big THANK YOU, Everybody!"

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VERMINTRUDE courtesy of INTENTS, Knottwood's Official Blacksmith.

Silver gauntlets pieces on the floor courtesy of AVALON KNIGHTS, (with apologies for "Todd" Sweeney's appalling treatment of such fine pieces of armour!)

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