Nicole's Kidnapping Adventure

This is one of our very earliest Adventures. It all started when Katherine and Michael got an invitation to an Unofficial Knottwood Winter Blahs Party...

Michael and Katherine arrive for the Adventure!

The party started merrily enough, with everyone being silly and having fun...
Katherine notices how MUCH Isobel Hanbro has grown!

(Wasn't Isobel Hanbro little, back then!)
Looks like Isobel's magical mischief has already STARTED!

At first, Officer Don's broken ankle just seemed, er, painful, but amusing...
Katherine can't BELIEVE Officer Don's broken his ankle, JUST like Cheryl!

Suddenly, their merriment is RUDELY interrupted!
Uh-oh.. this looks like TROUBLE!

Everyone hears the screech of tires!
What ARE they UP to??!

"*Gasp!* Oh NO! Evil Craig Jorland has kidnapped tiny Nicole Luger!"
...and takes QUICK ACTION!

Michael and Katherine are quickly deputized!
Good thing Officer Don had these deputy kits!

Katherine fingerprints EVERYONE...
...(and don't forget Craig's pet raccoon, Bloody!)

Michael heads up communications...
The search is WELL co-ordinated...

Since Jorland is considered HIGHLY dangerous, weapons are quickly assigned...
Weapons are brought out of storage...

Katherine finds the FIRST CLUE!
This does NOT look GOOD!

Against all odds, they discover Jorland's LAIR!
Oh NO!  He's hiding out in BAD GUY CASTLE!

Before Jorland knows what is happening, he finds himself SURROUNDED!
...They quickly SURROUND the castle!

"Headquarters, we have containment!"
Jorland has been CAPTURED!

Katherine has to hold up shaky dad, Hac Luger!
Little Nicole is UNHARMED!

Astrid Luger is SO relieved to have her baby back!
Astrid Luger FORGIVES irresponsible husband Hac...THIS time...
We might have KNOWN it was all Hac's fault!

Head park ranger Buddy Jim Hanbro is SO relieved
to rescue Jorland's poor little pet raccoon, Bloody!
And Bloody is MOST happy to be restored to the wild!

Michael and Katherine are awarded Knottwood's HIGHEST honour...
Wow! The famous PURPLE STAR MEDAL!

...And Craig and girlfriend Ava find themselves promptly ARRESTED!
In Knottwood, crime does NOT pay!

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