C. J.'s Evening Gown Adventure

When C. J. McLeod's cousin, Lisa "Jet" McLeod, came back with Katherine from Loony Knoll, Canada, she stunned EVERYONE at Varna's wedding dress fitting by turning up in a knockout floor-length evening gown designed by no less than the famous M'sieu Pat himSELF!

Another of M'sieu Pat's dramatic creations!

Even VARNA was impressed!
Even VARNA couldn't help being impressed

It wasn't long before the Hollywood Hussy was cooking up a DIABOLICAL SCHEME!
Varna has a BRILLIANT idea! Huh?

Jet thought Varna's idea was a BLAST!
Jet thought Varna's idea was a BLAST!

Ten minutes later, they were ready to put their plan into ACTION!
C. J. gets a surprise!

(Poor unsuspecting C. J.!)
Poor unsuspecting C. J...

So THIS is what they want!

Jet puts her case elegantly to C. J....

Well, REALLY, Catriona!
(Catriona Hanbro! We're SHOCKED at you!)

(My work is DONE...)

C. J.'s not so dumb!

Under their combined persuasion, the TRUTH comes out...
Oh dear.  We never *knew*...

But Jet can be VERY persuasive!
C. J. is ALMOST convinced...

I think she's ALMOST convinced!

Forty-five minutes, sixteen dresses, and one makeup session later...
It's hard to tell whether Jet or C. J. is more pleased!

Er, DON'T push your LUCK, Jet!

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