Isobel's Sparkly Clean Room Adventure

*Sigh*... It speaks volumes for Isobel's legendary messiness that such a model parent as Buddy Jim Hanbro would resort to bribery to get her to clean her room. Nevertheless, for the first time in history, it worked!

...Or did it?...

Look at my NEW RADIO..
"Hey, look at this wicked RADIO that daddy bought me for cleaning my ROOM!"

I found my BROOMSTICK cleaning kit!
"I even polished and manicured my BROOMSTICK!"

I even found my ART SUPPLIES!
"AND I found my crayons!"

Bet you've never seen it THIS clean!
"Bet you've never seen it this clean before, eh?"

Of course it DIDN'T get like that all by itself
"Of course I did have some help..."

I... used my broom...
"I, er, ah... used my broom... heh heh heh..."

The rewards of HARD WORK...
"Ah yes! Nothing like the rewards of hard work... "

The truth will OUT...

...The truth will OUT! AHA!
What's THAT on the television? THIS doesn't look like "History of Footwear"!
"...And that goes for YOU, too!"

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