Holly's Thparkly Clean Woom Adventure

Daddy bought me my own TV!

I found my BROOMSTICK cleaning kit!
"Now I can watch my favouwite showth in PEATHE AND QUIET!"

Ithn't it BEAUTIFUL?!
"I think it'th MUCH pwettier than ITHOBEL'TH TV, don't you?"

Holly is VERY pleased with her new TV!
"AND it hath a MATCHING CABINET - and WEALLY NITHE dwawers!"

And just LOOK at thith POTHTER!

Dwaco ith my FAVOUWITE Swythewin member...
"Don't you think Dwaco Malfoy ith THO handthome?"

JUUUTHT kidding!
"Jutht KIDDING! Actually, he'th dating Hewmione GWANGER!"

...And this magazine PROVETH it! AHA!
"...At leatht, that'th what it thayth in GOTHIP MAGATHINE!"

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