Emmy's Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Adventure

NOW what's happening?

Oooh, that's not NICE, Isobel!

Nancy needs her split ends trimmed off, but she is a little nervous about EMMY doing it...
What a NARROW escape!

Nancy's beautiful hair is soon restored to its usual gleaming perfection...
I think Emmy likes hair!

After she has had a rest, Tina has a suggestion...
WOW! New hair bands!

Handy item to have in stock!


Tina expertly combs out Emmy's tangles. It doesn't hurt a BIT!
Tina is VERY skilled!

She has a LEETLE bit moooore trouble persuading Emily to have her HAIR trimmed...
EEEEK! DON'T let ISOBEL do it!

Once Emily-Amelie grudgingly agrees, the task is QUICKLY accomplished!
Tina is VERY skilled!

She looks BEAUTIFUL!

AAAL-mooost done...
Emily's neat hairstyle looks so perfect - but how long will it LAST?

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