Captain Saburo's Narrow EscapeAdventure

Isobel's secret for beating the heat is drinking LOTS of water!

"Of course, it would be the hottest day of the YEAR when Varna got her Bright Idea..."
Why does Per's expression remind us of Custer's Last Stand?

"They did a LOT of yelling and running through the FOREST..."
It all looks the SAME!

" the complete bewilderment of everyone else..."
Yes, that's the very same TERESA who supplies Lilith's Lilies with such wonderful flowers!

Well, it was *entertaining*...

And to think Uncle Per is a RANGER...

"Naturally, Stacie and I gave them LOTS of help...."
What NAUGHTY girls!

What a SILLY pair the Thorssens are!

"Suddenly, we ALL heard Varna squeal..."
Thank *HEAVENS!*

"...But even I couldn't have foreseen what happened NEXT!"
And to THINK he was just having a quiet read in the, er... uh..

"Wish I could move as fast as Captain Saburo..."
Now THAT wasn't very polite...

"It was FUN listening to Captain Saburo ranting and raving about his NARROW ESCAPE..."
What DID Varna DO to him, last time she was here?

"...But trust my Gramps to have the last WORD!"
My grandpa is SUCH a sweetie!

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